The only thing more frustrating than a slow computer is one that doesn't work at all. Spyware, AdWare, Malware, and Viruses can reek havoc on your system and your network.


    • Computer takes a long time to power up/shutdown
    • Slow Performance
    • Bombarded with Popup Ads
    • Homepage has mysteriously been changed
    • Unwanted search results
    • System crashes
    • New Toolbars

              If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms (among others), your computer is infected and needs to be repaired. Inconvenient? Yes, but also necessary. The worst part about it is that it didn't have to happen in the first place. With proper routine maintenance, damage from viruses, spyware, and adware are kept to a minimum. Here's where Matrix can help:

              Our System Maintenance Program is a monthly program where one of our skilled technicians takes out your "digital trash" for a nominal fee. The key here is to be consistant. By performing monthly routine maintenance on your system or network you'll be taking care of problems BEFORE they become problems that cost you more time and more money.


    • Remove all Internet trash from the hard drive.
    • Optimize the start menu.
    • Spyware and Adware scan
    • Obtain and install Operating System Updates and Patches.
    • Update all current software when updates become available.
    • Maintain hard drive integrity and file system structure.
    • Optimize system settings for peek performance.

              Simply give us a call and we'll set up an appointment that best suits your schedule or drop your computer by one of our locations for faster service. It's that simple!

    • In-Home or In-Office:
      • First Month: $35-One PC $25 each additional PC
      • Each Consecutive Month: $25-One PC $15 each additional PC

    • In-Store
      • First Month: $35-per PC
      • Each Consecutive Month: $25

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