System Repairs and Upgrades

When your computer is down thats when we come into action. Just give us a call. On-site repairs are available, however, most repairs are better done at our shop. We understand that our commercial clients rely on their computers to conduct business and that�s why they are given the highest priority to get them back into service as quickly as possible, in most cases the same or next day. [More...]

CellPhone Repair

We all rely heavily on our cellphones. But what happens when it longer functions properly? When that day finally arrives, just take it to Matrix for experienced and competent repairs. Apple, Samsung, LG...we work on them all. Drop by one of our locations with your phone for a free estimate. We are ALWAYS Competitively Priced!>


Networking is complex to even the most seasoned of geeks! Whether it's wired or wireless, we've got you covered. We offer complete networking services including initial installation, troubleshooting, and network security for both residential and commercial applications. [More...]

New Computers and Servers

Matrix has teamed up with such heavy hitters in the marketplace as Gateway, Dell, and others to bring you the absolute best pricing on all the gear your home or office will ever need. If you're partial to a specific brand of PC, Laptop, or Server, we have the contacts! [More...]

Custom-Built Computerz

Custom-built systems are the best way to go. Tailored to your exact work-load specifications, a custom-built computer is more easily maintained and less expensive to repair when it comes to hardware replacement. Our systems come with a full warranty and you'll never have to talk to India! [More...]

On-Site Service

Having computer or network problems at home or the office? No worries, Matrix is at your disposal. On-Site service is available for both residential and commercial clients. Just give us a call and we'll be there. [More...]

System Maintenance Program

Spyware, Adware, and Malware can decrease system performance by up to 500%. They can also send your personal information to a third party out on the Internet, which makes you a prime target for identity theft. That's why system maintenance is of the utmost importance. [More...]

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